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Testimonial: Marquis Grissom

Baseball Testimonial

"I had a great run in Major League Baseball for 16 years.

My challenges began in Atlanta in 1995 where I tore my Achilles’ Tendon and continued playing. I then tore my hamstring. I thought that was the end of my career. I was traded to Cleveland during the 1997 season playing on one leg. Had a sub-par season batting 262 with 12 home runs and 66 RBI’s. Had low stats but a great World Series run.

I was traded to Milwaukee and was told I was washed up and done.

During the 1997 offseason I was sent to the head sports doc in Birmingham, AL about my Rotator Cuff and AC Joint in my shoulder. He referred me to rehab with physical therapy in Atlanta. After about 304 visits I wasn’t seeing any results.

1998 John Adams the Milwaukee trainer referred me to Bob Donatelli at Hudson Medical. Dr. Donatelli put me on an amazing program. I came back to the 1999 season strong hitting 267 with 20 home runs and 83 RBI’s.

End of season went back to rehab with Dr. Donatelli. Started the season as platoon player and ended with 595 at bats. Hit 244 with 14 home runs and 62 RBI’s.

I credit Dr. Donatelli with extending my career 7 years beyond my injury. I had great years in 2003 & 2004 at the age of 36/37. I hit 300 with 20 home runs and 80 RBI’s in 2003 & 279 with 22 home runs and RBI’s in 2004. Dr. Donatelli does extensive work like no one I’ve seen and cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone experiencing sports injuries."

-Marquis Grissom

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