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Balance and Ocular Motor Training in the Athlete

Balance Course Ocular Motor Training

Learn how to actively treat post-concussion symptoms and get people back to sports, recreation, and life AGAIN!

“Enhance Performance Post - Concussion”

This is a comprehensive course on balance in the athlete which will review three systems; Somatosensory, Vestibular, and Vision. As well as posterior lateral hip muscle deficits and how they correlate to balance. The course will review the pertinent anatomy and function of the vestibular system with emphasis on ocular motor function. Demonstration and the importance of the ocular motor system in the athlete will be discussed and how it relates to improved performance. The course will also review the effects of head concussions on the vestibular system, cervical and thoracic spine. The course will also review a post-concussion protocol and how to return to sport safely. We will also visit treatments to the cervical spine and will be presenting the concept of “Cervicogenic Vestibular Dysfunction”. The labs will consist of Evaluation and Treatment of the ocular motor system, cervical, and thoracic spine. Exercise programs and manual
therapy will be demonstrated and practiced. The course will review specificity of balance training in various sports to include oculomotor exercises to enhance dynamic visual acuity (DVA) and overall sports performance.

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Upon Completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate special test for the oculomotor and vestibular system to include BPPV
  • Identify abnormal eye movements related to vestibular dysfunction
  • Demonstrate an evaluation of the cervical and thoracic spine
  • Understand the relationship of the vestibular system to balance in the athlete
  • Demonstrate balance exercises that include hip strengthening and how to improve an athletes DVA and develop normal gaze stabilization.
  • Demonstrate manual therapy techniques to the cervical and thoracic spine.
  • Develop a post-concussion assessment and treatment protocol to return to the athlete to sports
  • Learn how to advance performance post-concussion with advanced balance and strengthening exercises.

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