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Lecture Courses

Dr. Robert Donatelli offers seminars and CE courses in the U.S and across the globe.  Set in the comfort and convenience of your facility, the experienced physical therapist who attends his course(s) will leave with greater knowledge and applications on current theories and moralities.  Email Dr. Bob Donatelli to inquire about attending a specific event, or to schedule Dr. Donatelli for a speaking engagement at your facility.

Course Schedule for 2017

June 3rd -4th                 Shoulder Course                           Italy

June 24th                       Foot Course                       Florida/Foot Science

July 15-16                    Shoulder Course                Tampa Florida/Motivations Inc.

July 29-30                    Shoulder Course                     Atlanta, GA / Motivations Inc.

August 5-6                   Sports Course                Palm Beach FL / Motivations Inc.

August 26-27               Shoulder course           Body Central Tucson AZ / Motivations Inc.

September 9-10          Shoulder Course                 Houston, TX / Motivations Inc.

September 22-24        Foot Course                               Poland

October 7-8                  Shoulder                         Hagerstown, MD / Motivations Inc.

October 21-22             Lower Extremity            Wyoming – Gillette

November 4-5             Shoulder Course              Brooklyn, NY / Motivations Inc.

November 24-27        Shoulder Course              Spain – Malaga / Zaragoza

December 2-3             Shoulder Course              Banner University Phoenix, AZ