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Lecture Courses

Upcoming Seminars & Courses in 2016

Dr. Robert Donatelli offers seminars and CE courses in the U.S and across the globe.  Set in the comfort and convenience of your facility, the experienced physical therapist who attends his course(s) will leave with greater knowledge and applications on current theories and moralities.  Email Dr. Bob Donatelli to inquire about attending a specific event, or to schedule Dr. Donatelli for a speaking engagement at your facility.

Complete Schedule Courses 2016


23-24th OT State Meeting – Wyoming


8-9th Shoulder Course- Charlotte North Carolina Contact Motivations


5-6th Shoulder Course - Stockton, CA - Motivations

18-21 Lower limb and Ocular Motor Course - Italy


6-7th Shoulder course Banner Good Samaritan - Phoenix, AZ -  Motivations